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Best Practices in CSE Department


Physical Models:

Faculty members of computer science and engineering use components like RAM, Hard Disk Drive, Network cables, mother boards, and other components of a computer system in the classroom as physical models. Use of these models helps the teachers to create a clear cut understanding among the students about the working of various components of a computer system.

Demonstration of Projects:

While teaching subjects like web technologies, java programming and mobile application development the projects developed by the senior students guided by the faculty members are demonstrated in the classroom. The objective of demonstrating these projects is to provide a live experience to the students how an application works. This method also acts as a motivation to the students to take up challenging tasks as projects. Demonstrating the syntax and runtime errors that might occur while executing the project will help students to get a comprehensive idea of developing a project.


Project Name










Website Development for VIVA The School by VVIT


To cater the needs of stake holders of the VIVA school, the VIVA web site is designed. It provides all the basic information that parents, visitors, teachers and students.


Mr. J. Madhu Babu & Mr. P. Siva Prasad



Social Educational Trust



December 2015 – January 2016




Student Admin Module for VVIT

It is an in-house project that provides a comprehensive UI to handle the admission process of newly joined students. It generates all the necessary reports needed by the admin office at VVIT. It majorly focuses on student academic details of the qualifying exam and other fee receipt generation modules.

Mr.P.R.Krishna Prasad & Mr.M.N.Sriharsha


Social Educational Trust


May 2016-July 2016


Pace Conference 2016

This website is designed to provide registration and online payments for PACE conference 2016 organized by Guntur Medical College. Emergency Physicians across India utilized these services.

Mr. P. Siva Prasad

Federation of Emergency Physicians, India

May 2016 – September 2016.


Dictionary App

A simple Dictionary App that provides Eng-to-Telugu and from Tel-to-English meanings. It mostly focuses on vocabulary used in Annamacharya songs and their meanings.

Mr.P.R.KrishnaPrasad & Mr.M.N.Sriharsha

Sri Lord Venkateswara Temple Trust-Library

January 2017-February 2017


Website Development for GntSreeGraphics

The objective of the website is to cater the printing needs of the customer in and around Guntur city. It presents all the Job works, crew, technology used and Quotation for Job works too.

Mr.P.R.KrishnaPrasad & Mr.M.N.Sriharsha

Sree Graphics, Guntur

February 2017-April 2017


Government General Hospital, Guntur

This website is being built for Guntur General Hospital which caters the inpatient/outpatient serivces, displays doctor availability and is completely integrated with Chief Ministers core dashboard.

Mr. J. Madhu Babu & Mr. P. Siva Prasad

GGH, Guntur

July 2017 (Ongoing Project).




Bus Tracker App

It is an in-house project for Transport Department in the College. It is basically an App that tracks the status of all the buses that ply in all the regular routes covered by the college. It uses IOT to track the buses.

Dr.P.Sudhakar &




Social Educational Trust


May 2017(Ongoing Project)




Pay Roll Module-VVIT

It is an in-house project to address the needs of the Admin Department. In admin dept, Pay roll management is manual. To make their process easy, the whole process is automated. It automatically generates pay slips and sends e-mails to all the respective staff members on regular basis.

Mr.M.N.SriHarsha & Mr.A.VishnuVardhan


Social Educational Trust


July 2017 (Ongoing Project)

9 Balotsav A web application built for taking online registrations to this prestigious event. Balotsav is a children festival for all Telugu kids across the world Mr. P. Siva Prasad
Mr. J. Madhu Babu
Social Educational Trust August 2017 - Till date
10 Ande Rama Swamy Handlooms A Web application is built for online sales of the famous 'Mangalagiri Cotton Sarees'. M/S Ande Ramaswamy were in this business since 40 years. Mr. J. Madhu Babu M/S Ande Ramaswamy Handlooms September 2017-18
11 Cheriesh Power Technologies M/S Cheriesh are a leader in manufacturing LED products, Solar Panels, Railway Equipement, Water Treatment and other industrial products. Mr. P. Siva Prasad M/S Cheriesh Power Technologies August 2018 - till date
12 HealthOK Apple Diagnostics and Health With Care Pvt. Ltd jointly setting up an online meical services portal. We set up an e-commerce application for their needs.
Mr. P. Siva Prasad
Mr. J. Madhu Babu
Apple Diagnostics Sep-2019 - till date

Animations and Presentations: 

To explain the difficult concepts like Memory managements and Process scheduling in Operating systems, construction of trees in data structure etc animations are used by the faculty. Students understand what they see. Moreover animations create interest on the respective subjects and make the students excel in them. For example while teaching sorting techniques in Data Structures simple Flash animations are used. This helps students to comprehend the process beyond any doubt would do better to understand concept behind.









Data Structures

All Sorting Techniques

Construction of trees

Tree Traversals


Computer Graphics

Drawing Algorithms


Operating Systems

CPU Scheduling Policies


Computer Networks

Networking Devices




IT Work shop

Windows and Linux Operating System Installation

Hardware Trouble Shooting

Power point presentations are used to explain critical components which may take much time to draw on the board. The presentations are prepared in such a way that the total content of the chapter is covered in the slides along with afore-mentioned diagrams and is shared with the students which so that they can use them as reference.







Data Structures

Linked list

Graph Traversals




Advanced Data Structures

AVL Trees

B+ Trees




Computer Networks

Network Layer

Transport Layer


Unified Modeling Language & Design Patterns

Modeling Techniques




Operating System

Dead Locks



Cryptography & Network Security

Hashing Algorithms

1. Peer teaching, Mentoring and Lecturette

Peer Teaching: Peer to peer teaching is an effective teaching method used in the classroom/ lab to enhance This will enable the students to revise their learning and be able to consolidate it by teaching it to fellow students. These also improve their subject knowledge as well as increase their confidence. The faculty play the role of a facilitator in the classroom. There are many benefits to peer teaching:

Reinforce Learning: By teaching to a peer, students review their own learning, which allows them to reinforce their own knowledge and skills. 

Increase Confidence: This type of learning activity enhances the levels of self-confidence among students because they realize that the classroom teacher perceives them as experts and trusts them enough to share their expertise with a peer. Develop Communication Skills: Students must use good communication skills to be able to provide clear directions, listen to feedback, and then adjust the next set of instructions accordingly so that their peer is successful.

Assess Learning: The teacher will be able to assess students’ understanding of the material based on their ability to share their knowledge and skills with a fellow peer, that could not be accomplished using a paper and pencil test.

Mentoring: A mentor guides a group of twenty The objective of mentoring is to improve the academic performance of the students. The mentors interact with students and identify if they have any learning barriers. Mentors work with students individually to help students to work through difficult issues so that they can stay focused in the classroom and get the most of college.

Lecturette: Every student in the classroom is given an opportunity to deliver a lecturette on a This activity will encourage students to gather information, prepare notes, participate in discussion with peers and teachers and to present his or her view in a gathering. 

2. Role-plays

These would enable the student to learn in a visual and kinesthetic way making the learning of technical subjects more interesting. 

3.  Byndr

Byndr is a cloud based online platform used to establish a seamless connectivity between the teachers and the students. This platform is widely used for transacting all academic related activities like, mark day to day attendance, sharing class notes, giving assignments, sharing lecture plans, posting messages, discussion forums etc. This platform facilitates learning where all the inputs from student as well as the faculty are docked at one place. 

4.  Quiz 

Moodle an open source learning management system is used to conduct quizzes. Moodle simplified the process of conducting quizzes and analyzing the student performance. A quick analysis and feedback to the students about their performance after every quiz promotes active learning. 

5. Guest lectures 

Guest speakers from industry/academics are invited to deliver lectures on emerging technologies. These lectures give students exposure to industry oriented technologies and perspective of the guest speaker’s field of work or expertise. One important benefit that is derived from having a guest speaker is the enhancement of the students’ educational experience. 

6. Advanced Laboratories 

State of the art code lab by Google, are the advanced labs available in the college besides the regular high technology laboratories. These laboratories give the students an edge because of the exposure to cutting edge technologies used in industry. This gives them relevant industry exposure and makes them industry - ready. 

7. Online Resources 

NPTEL, Virtula Labs, Hackerrank, Codechef and IUCEE Webinars are the online resources used in the teaching learning process.

 NPTEL : NPTEL chapter at the college provides e-learning opportunity through online courses in many So far students have done online courses like Introduction to Programming in C, Data Structure and Algorithms using Python Programming, Introduction to DBMS etc.

 Virtual Labs: Virtual Labs is an initiative by Ministry of Human resource Development to provide remote-access to Labs in various discipline of science and This provision is used for conducting labs sessions for programming subjects.

 Hackerrank: To improve the competitive programming capabilities among the students online resources Hackerrank, Codechef are Students are given programming challenges through these platforms. Students are also encouraged to participate in the contests conducted by these online platforms. These platforms are used to give problem solving assignments. These platforms generate ranks in the leader board which motivates the students to continue attempting contests.

 IUCEE Webinars : IUCEE is a Indo-Universal collaboration for Engineering This organization conducts webinars on emerging and research oriented technologies. The IUCEE chapter at the college organizes regular webinars. These webinars give an opportunity to students to learn from faculty members from various international universities.

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