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  1. Applicant can be a student of any branch I, II, III year B.Tech., I, II year of MCA or M.Tech.
  2. Applicant should not have any record of indisciplinary activities.
  3. Applicant should not have more than 2 backlogs.
  4. Applicant should have minimum attendance of 70%.


Application form should consists of the following things:

  1. Details of the student
    1. Name
    2. Branch
    3. Sec
    4. Year
    5. Percentage
    6. Backlogs
  2. Hobbies and Interests.
  3. What do u think of sac( 2-3 sentences).
  4. Why do u think that we should select u? ( tell about how different u r and Why do you want to be in SAC in 3 lines).


  • Notification should be sent across the clg at least 1 week prior to the day of selections.
  • Application form should also be displayed in the notice board.
  • Permissions - people who can’t make to attend the selections should inform to president or vice president with a letter.
  • Selection procedure should be known to all the members of selection panel.
  • A brief description about sac and councils in it


FOR CWC: follow these while selection

Areas to be focused:

Select the students with

  1. Dedication creative thinking, leadership qualities, team work, communication.
  2. Ability to balance both studies and sac.
  3. Zeal to be the change-agents of the college.
  4. Observe the way they are interacting with others when they are in a group. (note if any points about them are too good or bad)
  5. Have a look at them in the free times during selections. Whether they are in the same way before us and with others.
  6. Note the score of each person.
  7. Eliminate the people after every round.
  8. Dont argue with any student. If found any such case take it to the president’s notice.
  9. Leave all the prejudices and evaluate the person based on the behaviour with u & others.
  10. Observe whether they can work in a team or not.



1)Resume  2) Brainstorming activities  3)Lights camera action   4)personal Interview


  1. RESUME: ( the application form mentioned above)


   After settling the people. Divide them into teams( 10 people for a team). Each team should have 2 cwcs or senior executives as mentors.

  1. Brainstorming :(40 mins)
  • Brief introduction of each person (1 min each ). Total Time = 10 mins.
  • Secret handshake with a person in the team. Time = 10 mins
  • Similar to group discussion. Each team is given a problem statement. They have to analyze the problem, find ways to solution and have to tell the ultimate problem. 15 mins for the activity . 5 mins to tell the problem and solution. (one person from a team) total time= 20 mins


  • Lights, camera, Action (Advertisement creation ) (20 mins)

        Similar to role play. Each team is given 15 mins to discuss about their topic, dividing their roles and for practise. 5 mins will be given to display the act with caption.


  1. The theme should not contain love, action, violence, religious, hurting others.
  2. Every member of the team should have a role.
  3. The theme should describe a product. How well do u convince others that ur product is best.
  4. A small caption for ur product.
  1. INTERVIEW: (20- 25 mins)                                                                          TIME
  • (first the interviewer and next the interviewee)                               5 mins

2)      Why do they want to be in SAC?                                                                          2 mins

3)      Biggest achievements, fears.                                                                                2 mins

4)      Goals (both short term and long term)                                                               1 min  

5)      What's your definition of hard work?                                                                 2 mins

6)      Who is the smartest person you know personally?                                                         3 mins

7)      What is something you'd be happy doing every single day for the rest of your career 3M

8)      What’s the biggest decision you’ve had to make in the past year? Why was it so big 3m

  • 9)      If you were 80 years old, what would you tell your children?

    Interview rating sheet:


    Above average (4-5)


    Below avg(1)

    Ability to talk












    Poise(balancing nature)


    If the score is below 15 - they need more practise

                            Between 15-20 check whether they can fit into our work space

                            Above  20 - ready to join in sac


    • SAC introduction by president. - 10 mins
    • Dividing into teams. -10 mins
    • Brainstorming (round 1) - 40 mins
    • Break - 5 mins
    • Results of 1st round - 10mins
    • Round 2 - 15 mins + 50 mins= 65 mins
    • Results - 5 mins
    • Interview - 20 mins

                                                                Total    -  2 hrs: 45 mins

           Results next week              

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