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Siemens Industry Software India Pvt. Ltd. (SISW), a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc., recently signed an agreement with the State of Andhra Pradesh Skill Development Corporation for the establishment of six Centers of Excellence (COEs) and thirty Technical Institutes across the state. The agreement was signed jointly by SISW and their partner, DesignTech Systems Ltd. (DesignTech) on 30th June 2015 at the APSSDC Office, Hyderabad.
The six COEs will address diverse industry segments like Automotive, Industrial machinery, Industrial automation, Aerospace & defense, and Shipbuilding. The collaboration will train students on relevant industry processes and help create industry-ready trained personnel. This industry-readiness and relevance of skills will attract better career opportunities for students and will eventually foster further industrial development in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The COEs are unique in their ability as they will be able to stitch together the virtual world of engineering and manufacturing simulation with the physical world of product development and manufacturing.
Equipped with the latest PLM software solutions from Siemens PLM Software, such as NXTM software for digital product engineering, Teamcenter® software for digital lifecycle management and Tecnomatix® software for digital manufacturing, and state-of-the-art industrial automation equipment from Siemens Industry these COEs will have the latest computer numerical controllers (CNC), programmable logic controllers (PLC), computer integrated manufacturing units (CIM) comprising of CNC milling and turning machines, automated guided vehicles (AGV), industrial robots, automatic storage and retrieval systems, vision inspection systems for quality control, CIM controllers and software and rapid prototyping machines. All the software is integrated using the Siemens Total Integrated Automation (TIA) portal, and each of the COEs will have seven fully equipped laboratories staffed with instructors trained and certified by SISW.
In addition to the 6 COEs, to cater to the dual need of percolating industry knowledge throughout the technical skill supply chain as well as catering to various levels of job requirements that exist in this ecosystem, a unique hub & spoke model is developed where the COEs cater to the white collar requirements and t-SDIs focus on the grey & blue collar spectrum. These 30 technical-Skill Development Institutes training centers are focused on skilling students in vocational trades – Automotive, Electrician, Electronics, Manufacturing & Fabrication, and Agro & Farm machineries, at Polytechnic/ ITI level.
These centers are built with industry partnership with companies like Mahindra First Choice for Automotive, Schneider for Electrical, HCL for Electronics, LMW for Manufacturing, ESAB for Welding and John Deere for Agriculture.
The Govt. of AP has recognized VVIT as a Nodal Centre of APSSDC and a Siemen’s Centre of Excellence is established in 2016 with 12 state-of-the art laboratories to prepare engineering students of this region for better training and placements.
The following Siemens CoE labs are available in VVIT.

S. No

Name of the Lab


Product Design and Validation Lab


Advanced Manufacturing Lab


Automation Lab


Electrical Lab


Process Instrumentation Lab


Mechatronics Lab


Test and Optimization Lab


Energy Studies Lab


Advance Machine & Robotics Lab


Automotive Body Repair Lab


Automotive Paint Lab


Lift Installation and Maintenance Lab

The following three labs are utilized by the students of Electronics and Communication Engineering


Name of the Facility


Reason(s) for creation


Areas in which students are expected to have enhanced learning


Automation Lab (APSSDC-Siemens CoE)

Basics of PLC, Basics of SCADA, HMI & Networking

To provide the practical knowledge of the industrial automation & latest technologies being used to achieve industrial automation


Basic knowledge on industrial automation


Mechatronics Lab (APSSDC-Siemens CoE)

Basics of Mechatronics

To know the method of programming the microprocessor and also the design, modelling & analysis of basic electrical, hydraulic & pneumatic systems which enable the students to understand the concept of Mechatronics


Basic knowledge of programming the microprocessor, Basic knowledge on electrical, hydraulic & pneumatic systems modelling and analysis


Process & Instrumentation Lab (APSSDC-Siemens CoE)

Basic of process instrumentation, SIMATIC PCS 7 Basics

To provide the basic knowledge of instruments such asLevel measuring, Temperature measuring, Flow measuring instruments etc.


Practical knowledge in measuring instruments


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