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-“One who practices yoga lives a sound life” as said by the holy Vedas.

The institute observed the 4th INTERNAITONAL DAY OF YOGA today, 21-06-2018, by motivating all students, faculty and all management members to practice yoga by delivering its benefits.

With the declaration of June 21 by the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 2014 as the International Day of Yoga, came after the call for the adoption of 21 June as International Day of Yoga at UN General Assembly on September 27, 2014. The entire world is learning the benefits of  Yoga,  which is a physical, mental and spiritual practice having its origin over 6000 years ago in India, that aims to integrate the body, mind and soul.

VVIT Chairman Sri Sagar in this regard stated that their Institute has been adopting all traditional, innovative and successful practices including Yoga, from its inception, in order to make their students physically agile and morally strong to become key members in the building up of a healthy nation. He also enlightened the students that a sincere & continuous yoga practice will bring acute concentration of the mind; this can bring swift learning and thereby good results.

Earlier, college has organized Yoga practice sessions for around 900 students out of which 450 were girls, from 18th Jun to 20th Jun for three days, under the guidance of their YOGA club resource person, the Yoga Guru Sri Mallikarjuna Rao.

During the Yoga practice, he said that yoga will help to rejuvenate both mind and body. He said that we must be thankful to our ancestors for providing such a system which is both strong and scientific. He added that for practicing yoga, one needs only spare time, patience, calmness and a mat. He said that there are many scientific proofs for stating Yoga will make up overall performance of humans.

The entire event is organized by the yoga club of VVIT, under the leadership of the Yoga-Trainer Sri Mallikarjuna Rao, in association with the NSS Programme Officer Sri K.Lakshma Reddy and NCC Officer Sri Sk.Beeban Basha and their team. He guided the entre gathering of students and faculty, at the open air auditorium of VVIT, in doing the precious asanas while enchanting their benefits.

The Principal of VVIT Dr.Y.Mallikarjuna Reddy modestly informed that there are 200 members in this club from its inception and got trained in various yoga Asanas and several techniques for rejuvenating their body and soul.  Dr.Reddy, on this occasion said that, Yoga is the ancient treasure and patent of our country and we all must be proud of it. Dr. Reddy also reminded that, knowing the importance of Yoga, even AICTE like professional societies are encouraging Yoga as a mandatory Course in many Universities, Colleges and Schools. He said that the students of VVIT are all fortunate to have Yoga Club, which is yielding positive outcomes. He also stated that Yoga is one of the more sacred and prospective activities in the campus.

Dr.N. Kumara Swamy, Dean and Professor in Civil Engineering, who himself regularly practices Yoga, motivated the students about the importance of Yoga practice for every student. Prof. Kumara Swamy, is giving special Yoga training for the students who are academically weak due to frequent ill health and lack of concentration/focus on studies.

All students, teaching and non teaching faculty along with management members participated in this spiritual yoga day and took an oath to continue the practice all the way through their lives for a healthy society by being a healthy individual.

The same day being 56th Birth Day of Sri Vasireddy Vidya Sagar, Chairman of VIVA & VVIT, the students, teaching and non-teaching faculty along with other management members celebrated the event by participating in several charity events followed by a cake-cutting program. Sri Vidya Sagar along with students of VIVA and VVIT distributed Books and water bottles to 150 School Children of their adapted village Gollamudi. On this occasion Sri Sagar, expressed that the VIVA, VVIT institutions are always a ready for helping the poor students. VVIT Principal Dr. Y.Mallikarjuna Reddy, VIVA Principal Dr.C.T.Joshi, all students, faculty members and several dignitaries wished Sri Vasireddy Vidya Sagar, to reach more heights in his future endeavors. This event is organized by Student Activity Counsel (SAC) members of VVIT. Gollamudi Public School Teacher Sri S.Jessy , along with other staff participated in this event.

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