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Mr.Ranjan Choudhuri, Chief Officer, World Skill India and representatives from A.P.State Skill Development Corporation have visited Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation Nodal Centre Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology. 

Chief Officer World Skill India Ranjan Choudary Interaction with VVIT Students

They have visited the centre  to find out how to administer the prestigious multi-skill development centres  that are going to be established by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and also how to coordinate it with world skill development competitions.  They have visited Siemens Centre of Excellence, the first Google Developers Code Lab established by Google, Industrial Robotics, L.M.S.Research Centre, Rapid Prototype Mechatronics.

They have met with students who have visited Stanford University for training and  discussed with students who have got campus placement letters in Amazon.  The students have informed them that they could get Rs.18/- lakhs annual salary in Amazon because of the expertise provided by the college in research.


Mr.Ranjan Choudhry has said that VVITG college is exemplary to other centres in giving training to the students in the labs being run by AP.State Skill Development Corporation in the college and World Skill India would extend all possible help to VVIT College through A.P.Skill Development Corporation.  The representatives of APSSDC have explained the working of the Centre and its management in detail to Mr.Ranjan Choudhury.

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