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Sri Vidhusekhara Bharati, the 37th head pontiff of Dakshinamnya Sri Sharada Peetham of Sringeri, the Spiritualist, renowned Prophet and master of Sanskrit and Vedas, visited Sri Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology, Nambur today ( i.e 18.06.2018). The auspicious programme was held in the VIVA-Auditorium at 5:00 pm with the lightening of the lamp and traditional prayer song.

swamiji blessing VVIT staff along with Chairman

Swamiji was welcomed grandly by Sri V. Vidya Sagar, Chairman of VVIT, the strong devotee, the Management members, Principals, HODs, Faculty, Staff and Students of both VVIT and VIVA with Poorna Kumbham, chanting mantras, offering flowers.  A guard of honour was also given by NCC Officials and Cadets as a token of adoration. Swamiji was felicitated with silk clothes and garlanding formally by the Management.


After taking charge as  the head pontiff of Sharada Peetham and blessed by his Guru,  for the first time Swamiji came to Guntur, his birth place  and performing  “ Sahasra Chandi Yagam” for ten days from 09.06.2018 to 19.06.2018, for the benefit of whole people and the peace of society in Sri Sharada Parameswari Devastanam, Sampath Nagar, Guntur. As Sri Sagar has close association with Swamiji, the divine blessing of students with valuable words (Anugraha bhushanam) took place in the premises of VVIT in a splendid way.

Gomathaku Phalalanu andistunna swami

Briefing to the students, the prophet advised them to inculcate the habit of helping others and believing god. “Design your career with divinity. Instill the habit of service to others. Youth are the backbone of our society.  You should love your parents, teachers and human beings. It will give many profits and the same was thought in the holy books also”, said Swamiji. The right path and right Guru are important in everybody’s life. That is only possible with teachers, he added. He also asserted that his visit to VVIT would not be possible without the efforts of Sri V. Vidya Sagar and Sri Polisetti Hari Prasad, Honorary Representative, Sringeri Sarada Peetham, He envisaged that the college would prosper with good development under the chairmanship of Sri Sagar and other Management members.

Sri Vidya Sagar pleasurably said that it was only the blessings of Swamiji such divine programmes were possible in our college. “I have a deep faith in Swamiji and his sayings. The teachings of Swami will promote good in our students and teachers without doubt. I am delighted to see the powerful seer on our land and with his footsteps and reminiscent message.”

At the end Swamiji performed Pada Pooja to the Management, Principals, HODs, Faculty, Staff and Students of VVIT and VIVA. The ambience of the college echoed with Omkaram as the Swami left a memorable mark with his divine foot and speech in the minds of VVITians.


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