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Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology, under the aegis of its Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department, conducted a 1-Day National-Level Seminar on “Recent Advances in Power Systems” for the budding Electrical Engineers, on 06th January 2018. This National-Level Seminar aimed at enlightening the Electrical Engineering Students with the ground breaking advances in Power Systems that address the grid integrated power system and its issues.

 MG 6250

Dr. T. Narsa Reddy, Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, IIT MANDI, Himachal Pradesh, acted as distinguished resource person. The Electrical & Electronics Engineering is one of the well-designed disciplines in engineering which has the potential to change the direction of future for the societal well being. He also emphasized that VVIT is always a step ahead in establishing this kind of national seminars on advanced technologies for the professional growth of their students.The chief guest & resource person, Dr T Narsa Reddy, after formally inaugurating the national seminar, addressed the students about micro grid integrated power system and its issues in an illustrious manner. Dr. Narsa Reddy also emphasized on various converter topologies to avoid power quality problems. He has given real time simulation with the help of a hardware prototype and demonstrated its results by a comparative study and motivated the participants about the depth of that technology.

 MG 6249

The entire seminar went in an interactive and inquisitive manner and the illustrations given by the speaker overwhelmed the students. Dr.Narsa Reddy commended the efforts of VVIT for conducting this kind of advanced workshops for the students and congratulated the students for being active learners. Dr.Y.Mallikarjuna Reddy, Principal of the Host institute, advised the students to accrue the knowledge through these seminars and apply it for finding solutions to the technological bottlenecks that hinder the progress of our society. Dr.Reddy, suggested all the students to inculcate the habit of lifelong learning.Dr.A.V.Naresh Babu, HOD, Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department informed that the vital objectives of this National Seminar were to motivate the students with the advancements in the Power Systems and the ways how they can be applied for the Professional Growth of students and there by societal well-being. Dr. Ch.V.Suresh, Convener of this seminar, said this Seminar will bring significant changes in the thought process of novice Electrical Engineers in their profession. Sri Sagar, Chairman of VVIT & other management members felicitated the resource person Dr. T Narsa Reddy for his Scholarly and Motivational Seminar, as a token of respect.Chairman of VVIT, Sri Sagar, Administrative Secretary Sri S.Badari Prasad, Joint Secretary Sri M.SreeKrishna, Principal Dr.Y.Mallikarjuna Reddy, Dean of Academics, Prof. N.Kumara Swamy, Prof. A V Naresh Babu, Head of EEE Department along with Students, Faculty members of VVIT, participated in this National-Level Seminar.

Felicitation to Dr.T.Narasa Reddy by management

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