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                                                                                                                                                                   1. Personal Information


 P. Venkateswara Babu


 Assistant Professor


 M.Tech, (Ph.D)




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 Phone Number



2. Academic Information

 Name of the Degree

 Name of the College

 Name of the University

 Year of Passing


 Ph.D ( Thesis submitted) 

 National Institute of Technology Warangal 

 NIT Warangal


 Tribology (Machine Design) 


 National Institute of Technology Warangal 

 NIT Warangal


 Manufacturing Engineering


 S V University College of Engineering

 SVU Tirupati


 Mechanical Engineering



3. Publications

A. International Journals 




 Name of Journal

 Issue   No

 Vol   No

 Page No


 1  Influence of positive texturing on friction and wear properties of piston ring-cylinder liner tribo pair under   lubricated conditions  2019   Industrial Lubrication and Tribology  4  71  515-524
 2 Experimental investigation on effects of positive texturing on friction and wear reduction of piston ring/cylinder liner system  2018  Materials Today Proceedings        
 3 Optimization of Texture Geometry for Enhanced Tribological Performance in Piston ring-Cylinder Liner Contact under Pure Hydrodynamic and Mixed Lubrication  2020  Springer Lecture Notes in Mechanical   Engineering      799-808  978-981-15-2696-1


B. International Conferences 




 Name of Conference

 Name of Institution   Organized

 Page   No


 1  Modification of Surface Topography and Study of its Impact on Friction and Wear Reduction of Sliding Contact  2019  2nd World Summit on Advances in Science and   Technology  USA    
 2  Surface modification effect on tribological performance of sliding contact  2019  International Conference on Advanced Functional Materials   and Devices  NIT Warangal    
 3  Development of Neem oil based Biodiesel and Study of its impact on Tribological   Characteristics  2019  International Conference on Advanced Functional Materials   and Devices  NIT Warangal    
 4  Effect of Positive Textures Size on Tribological Performance of Piston ring /Cylinder liner   assembly  2017  9th International Conference on Industrial Tribology  Tribology Society of India,   Kolkata    
 5  Texture Orientation Effect on the Performance of Parallel Sliding Contact in the Presence of   Fluid-Solid Interfacial Slip  2015   2nd International and 17th National Conference on Machines   and Mechanisms  IIT Kanpur    


C. National Conferences 




 Name of Conference

 Name of Institution Organized

 Page   No


 1  Hydrodynamic Performance of Different Shapes of Surface Textured Parallel Sliding Contact  2019  Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering  NIT Warangal    





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