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Teaching and learning innovative practices are introduced to raise the curiosity of a Student in wide domain to encourage the students to question the obvious and to increase the Interaction in the class.

Rapid advancement in technology is one of the major issues that affect the teaching/learning Process. The facilitators find it difficult to keep pace with the techno-savvy learners. Further There is rapid change taking place in technology which aggravates the problem.

Keeping the audience captivated throughout the lecture is another challenge. The facilitator is required to use a variety of tools to keep the learner engaged in the learning process since access to a variety of tools all the time may not be possible. Today knowledge is just a click away to the learner; a challenge faced by facilitators is to keep pace with the latest news and happenings. The teaching/learning process is given immense importance in the institute. The institute trains their facilitators continuously to help them enhance their teaching abilities.

The evidence of success is visible, qualitatively as well as quantitatively. The qualitative factor improves etiquettes and desire to understand. Also it changes the overall Perspective towards life. The quantitative factor improves academic performance and motivates participation in co-curricular activities. Students who have graduated are performing extremely well in the corporate world.








Industrial Visit

To bridge the gap between the book knowledge and practical work

All 2nd ,3rd and 4 th year  students went through Industrial visit.

More than 85 % of final year students will undergo internship training to complete their projects.

2 nd ,3 rd year and 4 th year students

Students gain practical knowledge for solving real time problems.

Students are ready to fit for the Industry.


Virtual lab- 3D Experience lab

To create the simulated environment by using the computer Technology

2 nd and 3rd year students completes the NX CAD and Dassult lab training

2 nd and 3 rd year

These trainings helps the students in completing the final year projects successfully

Achieved jobs in Design based companies like 3D PLM.


Peer Teaching (PT)

To enhance the learning of the students through their classmates

To improve the performance of slow and average learner students, the peer groups are formed with each group consisting of 5 students in which two are average and two are slow learners.

Each class consists 5 batches

Minimum knowledge is attained by each students and overall the pass percentage of the department increases.


Demonstration through working models

To inculcate the working environment of the working principle and system to the students.

To improve the understanding ability of the students by seeing the working models of the components

2 nd year and 3 rd year students

Improves the understanding ability of working components and systems


Lecture video capture

To inculcate the classroom environment and any place for the students.

Captured all the video lecturers by our eminent faculty members and uploaded in the website with ease accessibility for the students.

2nd , 3rd and 4 th year

Improves the overall pass percentage and brings pride to the department.


Group controlled Teaching

To expand technical

understandings through

development in terms of software solutions and hardware implementation

for industrial/societal


Participation and presenting the proto type models in various technical fests at National and International level

2nd , 3rd and 4 th year

By using the technical knowledge, concepts, and Technology by students and developing a proto models for Model exhibition and National level competitions.


 Technical Mock Test

To develop competitiveness environment among the students.

Conducting mock test among the students on every third Saturday and motivating the students to get more chances of employability.

2nd and 3rd year students.

Competitive environment helps the students improving their employability chances and the success rate of the department.

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