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Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology, under the aegis of its Civil Engineering Department, inaugurated the Indian Green Building Counsel (IGBC) –student Chapter, today 20 February 2018. Indian Green Building Counsel (IGBC), is one of the Indian Civil Engineering Professional Society, which has strong determination in disseminating the advanced knowledge on the Green Building Technology.

Vijay Sai Meka speaking

In this event the Mr. Vijay Sai Meka, Chairman IGBC, Amaravati chapter and Managing Director S&S Green Projects, Mr.TVR Chowdary, Co-Chairman,IGBC, Amaravati Chapter and Architect,TDG India, Mr.Sandeep V , Counselor, Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and Mr.Naveen Akkina, Counselor, CII were present in this auspicious occasion of Professional Chapter inauguration at VVIT. They motivated the students and gave enormous information about the importance of professional societies and how IGBC is useful for the members in catering the advanced Technological concepts and knowledge acquiring that helps students to develop as a comprehensive Civil Engineering Professional.

Sri Vijay Sai Meka, the Chief Guest after formally inaugurating the event, commended the genuine efforts of VVIT for keeping their students in connection with the outside world, to update them technically in a professional manner. Sri Vidya Sagar, Chairman of VVIT, in this regard stated that the department of Civil Engineering is one of the conventional and core Engineering stream that has abundant opportunities these days.    In this regard Sri Sagar emphasized that VVIT always takes every action for the all round professional development of their students, for which these Professional Societies would help in acquiring knowledge on new technologies, showcasing their talents and assessing themselves in the global technological arena. He wished all the members of IGBC-student chapter to add value to themselves by attending every event under this society. 

Dr.Y. Mallikarjuna Reddy, Principal of the Host institute, congratulated all the members of IGBC VVIT student chapter and mentioned about the perks of being an IGBC member. Dr.Reddy also spoke about how IGBC-like International Professional Societies can be influential for a student, in knowing about the various advancements in technical fields. Dr.Reddy stated that VVIT has more than 10 National and International professional bodies with which various departments are associated and established student-chapters for the benefit of their students and faculty.

Dr.T.Sridhar Babu, Prof & Head, Civil Engineering Department informed that the IGBC Professional Society is one of the globally popular and most functioning Society and they are scrupulously planning to conduct more activities under this for the students so that they can get the best out of it. Prof.Sridhar informed that, IGBC student chapter is the first chapter in Amaravati Region and VVIT is proud to showcase that.

felicitation to Vijay Sai Meka

Sri Sagar, Chairman of VVIT along with other management member felicitated the Chief Guest Sri Vijay Sai Meka and other eminent personalities who were present and delivered eloquent and motivational talks.

Chairman of VVIT, Sri Sagar, Administrative Secretary Sri S.Badari Prasad, Joint Secretary Sri M.SreeKrishna, Principal Dr.Y.Mallikarjuna Reddy, Professor & Dean N.Kumara Swamy, Prof.T.Sridhar Babu, Head, Civil Engineering Department, faculty members along with students participated in this inaugural event.


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