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A special conference has been conducted in connection with World Energy Conservation Day by the Chief Executive Officer, A.P.State Energy Conservation Mission, Government of Andhra Pradesh  under the aegis of Electrical and Electronics Engineering branch of the College.

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Sri K.Hemachandra Reddy, Chairman, Institution of Engineers India is the Chief Guest for the conference and Dr.C.V.Sriram, Secretary, Institution of Engineers India and Sri Vasireddy Vidyasagar have participated in the programme. 

Speaking on the occasion, Sri Hemachandra Reddy has said that environmental protection and resources protection is the responsibility of the students and it is the responsibility of each one of us to handover these resources to the future generations.  He has also said that by using technology, the fuel resources can be conserved because of which pollution can also be controlled.

Speaking on the occasion, Sri Chandrasekhara Reddy has said that the conservation of energy is a part of environmental protection.  He has also said that consumption of energy is increasing more than the production.  He has also said that the consumption of coal, oilseeds and fuel resources is increasing day-by-day which may result in future generations not getting same.  He has also said that it is our responsibility to conserve energy for the future needs.  He has also said that the country‚Äôs growth is dependent on the conservation of energy.

Speaking on the occasion, Sri Vasireddy Vidyasagar, Chairman, VVIT College has said that students should use modern technology and control energy consumption and for this they should undertake invention of new methods.  He has also said that each and everyone should think of conservation of power.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr.K.Giribabu, Principal, VVIT College has said that students should try for the conservation of energy and they should undertake projects for reduction of power consumption in the houses as well as offices.

Dr.A.V.Naresh Babu, Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Branch, teaching and non-teaching staff and students from Electrical and Electronics Engineering have participated in the programme.

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