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Technology Enterpreneurship Program by ISB

TEP, is an ISB initiative supported by AP Society for Knowledge Networks. Technology Entrepreneurship Program initiated in September, 2013. with the Objective of promoting technology entrepreneurship as a viable career option and nurture the culture of entrepreneurship in the region. 

The Three Outcomes of TEP


Learning Component Develops the inter disciplinary skills required for product design and development and entrepreneurial and management skills (Educational material, case studies, games, tools, etc.)
Experiential Component Inspires and stimulates students through interaction and practice (Workshops, field trips, lab based activities and challenges) 

Environment Component


Array of services to launch ones idea (Workshops, prototype development, access to research, markets and investors…incubation)

The students from the colleges enrolled for this program are eligible to apply for this program must have a proven record in academics with no backlogs

  • Expression of interest
  • Added advantage
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate leadership skills and an aptitude for entrepreneurship.
  • Prior participation in entrepreneurship activities is a plus.
  • Students are evaluated on the concepts and lab activities at the end of every term.
  • Students are enrolled into year 4, based on their performance in year 3, strength of their idea and personal interview


Roles & Responsibilities

Indian School of Business

  • Design, develop, execute, and evolve TEP
  • Curriculum Development for Students and technology faculty
  • Selection of colleges, technologies and delivery partners
  • Enroll faculty, experts and mentors
  • Establish Partnerships and leverage ISB resources
  • Management of systems & process, selection, delivery, evaluation, and governance

Nodal Engineering Colleges 

  • Member of the Academic Council
  • Work closely with ISB on the engineering curriculum for product development
  • Work with ISB and design faculty on the challenge frame work, execution and evaluation
  • Mentoring the students in the selected field of discipline with the support of industry mentors and TEP team

AP Society for Knowledge Networks

  • Establish Partnerships and leverage Government Resources
  • Marketing and Promotion of TEP, Enrolling Colleges, Technology Faculty & Students
  • Provide timely funding as per the agreed schedule
  • Establishing and supporting partnerships with Nodal Institutes

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Andhra Pradesh

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