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1. Personal Information



Dr Giri Babu Kande


 Professor & HoD


 B.Tech, M.E, Ph.D




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Phone Number



2. Academic Information

Name of the Degree

Name of the College

Name of the University

Year of Passing



JNTUH College of Engineering  Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad  2010  Medical Imaging
M.E A.U. College of Engineering Andhra University, Visakhapatnam 2000 Electronic Instrumentation
B.Tech R.V.R&J.C. College of Engineering Acharya Nagarjuna University 1996 Electronics & Communication Engineering


3. Experience (Teaching/Industry/R&D)




Name of Organization





Oct, 2008

 Till Date Professor & Head  Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology, Nambur 10+ Years


July, 2007

 Sept, 2008

 Professor & Head

 S.R.K. Institute of Technology, Vijayawada

 1 Year 3 Months

3 July,2006 June, 2007 Professor Nalanda Institute of Engineering & Technology 1 Year
4 July,2005 June, 2006 Associate Professor & Head Lakireddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering, Mylavaram 1 Year
5 Oct, 1999 June, 2005 Associate Professor, Assistant Professor Vignan’s Engineering College 5 Years 9 Months
6 Aug,1996 April,1998 Lecturer M.G.College 1 Year 8 Months
Total Experience 21 Years
 S.No  Patent Title  Name of Applicants  Patent Number  Country  Status

 Methods and Systems for Diagnosing Optic Neuropathic Conditions and Segmentation of Optic Disc and Cup

 Dr Giri Babu Kande

Mr M Pardha Saradhi

 201641025755  India  Published



 S.No  Title of the Book  Authors ISBN Number  Publisher
 1 Signals and Stochastic Processes

Dr Y Mallikarjuna Reddy

Dr Giri Babu Kande


Universities Press,

Orient Blackswan Publishers


 6. Sponsored Research Projects / Grants 

S.No Title  Funding Agency Duration Sanctioned Amount
1 FIST DST Sept, 2018 to Sept, 2023 Rs 60,00,000
2 National Seminar on "Advances in Antenna Design" AICTE

Sept, 2017

Rs 1,00,000

3 National Seminar on "Advances in Image Processing" DST-SERB June 2016

Rs 1,00,000

7. Awards

Received “Best Researcher Award” from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada on 28-12-2018.

8.Research Supervision

S.No Name of the Research Scholar University Supervisor / Co Supervisor Area of Research Status
1 G Sandhya JNTU Kakinada Supervisor Medical Imaging
2 J Brahmaiah Naik JNTU Kakinada Supervisor CBIR
3 B Uma Mahesh Babu JNTU Kakinada Supervisor Video Processing Ongoing
4 DVN Sukanya JNTU Kakinada Supervisor Medical Imaging Ongoing
N Naveen Kumar JNTU Kakinada Supervisor Video Processing Ongoing

9. Publications

International Journals




Name of Journal

Vol No 

Page No


1 Logarithmic distance measure with improved local vector pattern for content-based image retrieval 2018 The Imaging Science  Journal   (Taylor & Francis),            Impact Factor: 0.451
 66   239-253


 2 An Advanced Multi-level Thresholding Method based on Electromagnetism for accurate Brain MRI Segmentation to detect White Matter, Gray Matter and CSF 2017

BioMed Research International

 Impact Factor: 2.476

 2017  1-17 2314-6133
3 A Novel Approach for the Detection of Brain Tissues from MR Images of the Brain in the Presence of Noise and Intensity Inhomogeneity 2018 IETE Journal of Research (Taylor & Francis), Impact Factor: 0.909
 Accepted for publication 0377-2063


 Local Vector Pattern with Global Index Angles for Content-Based Image Retrieval System


 Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (Wiley),  Impact Factor: 2.322




5 Automated Lung  Segmentation from CT Scans with Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Diseases 2016 Journal of Digital Imaging (SPRINGER),                      Impact Factor: 1.407
29 507 - 519 0897-1889
6 Segmentation of Optic Disk and Optic Cup from Digital Fundus Images for the Assessment of Glaucoma 2016 Journal of Biomedical Signal Processing and Control  (ELSEVIER), Impact Factor: 2.214
24 34 - 46 1746-8094
7 Unsupervised Fuzzy Based Vessel Segmentation in Pathological Digital Fundus Images 2010 Journal of Medical Systems. (SPRINGER), Impact Factor: 2.456
34 849-858 0148-5598
8 Automatic Detection of Microaneurysms and Hemorrhages in Digital Fundus Images 2010 Journal of Digital Imaging  (SPRINGER), Impact Factor: 1.407
23 430-437 0897-1889
9 Feature Extraction in Fundus Images 2009 Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering (SPRINGER), Impact Factor: 0.989
29 122 – 130 1609-0985
 10 A Survey on Linking of Cell Tracks Using Segmentation 2018 International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (Scopus Indexed). 13 5183 - 5189 0973-4562
11 Enhanced Local Vector Pattern With Logarithmic Function for Content-Based Medical Image Retrieval 2018 Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems (Scopus Indexed).  18 1646 - 1656 1943-023X
12 A novel approach for the detection of tumor in MR images of the brain and its classification via independent component analysis and kernel support vector machine 2017 Imaging Medicine (SCOPUS Indexed) 9 33-44 1755-5191
13 An efficient computational approach for the detection of MR brain tissues in the presence of noise and intensity inhomogeneity 2017 Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (SCOPUS Indexed)
33 65-79 22969837
14 Performance evaluation of active contours based methods for the detection of brain tumours in MR images 2015 Int. J. Biomedical Engineering and Technology   (INDERSCIENCE),  (SCOPUS Indexed).
18  210-226  1752-6426
15 A Joint Compression and Retrieval Process Using Halftoning Based BTC Technique 2015 International Journal of Innovative Research in Electronics and Communications 3 16-22 2349-4042
16 A Novel Based Image Encryption By Using Adaptive Histogram Equalization And RGB Color Cube, YUV Color Model 2015 International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research 5 226-232 2249-9954
17 The versatile routing in correspondence systems using Back Pressure based packet Algorithm 2015 International Journal of Science Engineering and Advance Technology 3 1107-1110 2321-6905
18 The Wireless frameworks consuming TDOA and FDOA Extents for Mobile Emitter Geolocation and Tracking applications 2015 International Journal of Science Engineering and Advance Technology 3 1414-1418 2321-6905
19  Design of EDDR Architecture for Motion Estimation Testing Applications  2013  IOSR Journal of Electronics & Communication Engineering 3  01-08 2278-8735 
20 Fibonacci Codes for Crosstalk Avoidance 2013  IOSR Journal of Electronics & Communication Engineering 3 09-15 2278-8735 
21 Denoising of MR Images corrupted by Rician Noise using Optimized Non Local Means 2012 International Journal of Advances in Computer, Electrical & Electronics Engineering 2 66-73 2248-9584
22 Automatic Detection and Boundary Estimation of Optic Disk in Fundus Images using Geometric Active Contours 2009 Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering 2 90 – 95 1937-6871
23 Retinal Vessel Extraction in Digital Fundus Images 2008 Advances in Computer Science and Engineering 2 33 – 50 0973-6999
24 Segmentation of Vessels in Fundus Images using Spatially Weighted Fuzzy c-Means Clustering Algorithm 2008 International Journal on Computer Science and Network Security 7 102-109 1738-7906


International Conferences




Name of Proceedings

Name of Institution Organized

Page No



 An efficient approach for the Detection of White Matter, Gray Matter, and Cerebrospinal Fluid from MR images of the brain using an advanced Multilevel Thresholding


 IEEE International Conference on Advances In Electrical, Electronics, Information, Communication and Bioinformatics

Prathyusha Engineering College, Chennai




 Detection of normal and abnormal tissues in MR images of the brain using an Advanced Multilevel Thresholding Technique and Kernel SVM classifier


 IEEE International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics

Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering & Technology, Coimbatore



3 Segmentation of Retinal Vasculature using Phase Congruency and Hierarchical Clustering 2013

IEEE International conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics  (IEEE Communications Society)

Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysuru 361 – 366 978-1-4799-2432-5
4 Detection of Red Lesions in Digital Fundus Images 2009

IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging                         (IEEE Signal processing Society)

Boston University, MA USA   978-1-4244-3931-7
5 Segmentation of Exudates and Optic Disk in Retinal Images 2008 IEEE Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing  (IEEE Signal processing Society, IEEE Computer Society) IIT, Khargpur  535-542  978-0-7695-3476-3
6 Retinal Vessel Segmentation Using Spatially Weighted Fuzzy C-Means Clustering with Adaptive Contribution from Red Channel 2008 IEEE INDICON IIT, Kanpur 01-06 978-0-7695-3476-3
7 Retinal Vessel Segmentation Using Histogram Matching 2008 IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems                       (IEEE Circuits & Systems Society) University of Macau, Macau China 129-132 978-1-4244-2341-5
8 Retinal Vessel Segmentation using Local Relative Entropy Thresholding 2008

IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics – 2008   (IEEE SMC Society)

Suntec Singapore, International Convention and Exhibition Centre  3448-3453 978-1-4244-2384-2
9 Extraction of Exudates and Blood Vessels in Digital Fundus Images 2008 IEEE 8th International Conference on Computer and Information Technology  (IEEE Computer Society) Sydney, Australia 526-531 978-1-4244-2357-6
10 A low-power and high performance radix-8 multiplier implemented with VLSI design 2013 International Conference on Recent Trends in Science and Technology Chennai 99-102 987-9381361-18-9
11 Crosstalk avoidance using fibonacci codes 2013 nternational Conference on Recent Trends in Science and Technology Chennai 64-68 987-9381361-18-9
12 VLSI Implementation of an Area-Efficient Parallel Linear-Phase Fir Digital Filters Based On Fast Fir Algorithm 2013 nternational Conference on Recent Trends in Science and Technology Chennai 69-72 987-9381361-18-9



10. Membership in Professional Bodies


Name of Professional Society

Membership No

Membership Info (Life/Fellow/Ordinary)

1 IEEE 95409554 Member


The Institution of Engineers



3 ISTE LM 47087 Life
4 IAENG 193939. Life



11. Training/Conferences/Seminar/Summer School/Winter School Conducted





Sponsoring Agencies



 Two day national seminar on ‘Advances in Image Processing   24th – 25th June   SERB -DST



  Two day IUCEE workshop on ‘Recent trends in VLSI’

 28th – 29th July 


3 2015 Two week faculty development program in ‘MATLAB’ 14th – 27th May  VVIT, Nambur
4 2014 Three day workshop on ‘LabVIEW’ 25th – 27th Sept   National Instruments, IUCEE
5 2014 Two week workshop on ‘Research Methodologies in ECE’  19th – 31st May  VVIT, Nambur
6 2013 One day workshop on ‘Research trends in Electromagnetics’  6th January  VVIT, Nambur
7 2013 Two week faculty development program in ‘Teaching Methodologies’ 13th – 25th May VVIT, Nambur
 8 2012   National Conference on Image Processing & its Applications    VVIT, Nambur