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In past years, civil engineers focused on design and construction of new facilities, such as buildings, bridges and highways, water treatment and environmental facilities, foundations and tunnels. Today's civil engineer not only has to design new facilities but must also analyze the effects of deterioration on infrastructure elements, consider system interdependencies and evaluate life-cycle impacts while also considering environmental and economic sustainability within the context of society. Civil engineers must be equipped with in-depth knowledge of traditional, fundamental principals and new technologies in order to address the complex, interdisciplinary problems faced within society. The undergraduate program at VVIT gives the students the necessary background to success within this new context and to become the future leaders of the profession.





To provide globally competitive and socially responsible Civil Engineering professionals, who can contribute to the organization and nation-building through their innovative ideas and to create knowledge pool of Civil Engineering through quality research.





  1. To develop and implement qualitative teaching and learning practices to impart quality education to the students to dovetail them to industry needs.
  1. To develop engineers with good scientific and engineering knowledge so as to comprehend, analyze, design and apply knowledge to the fast changing needs in the field of Civil Engineering.
  1. To provide hands-on experience and knowledge to the students to make them engineers of excellence.
  1. To promote innovative and original thinking in the minds of budding engineers to face the Challenges of future by shaping the department into a center of academic and research excellence.
  1. To inculcate the value of discipline and encourage the student to become a responsible and worthy citizen of the nation.


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